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Good Gear

Postby Sandgroper » Mon Dec 14, 2015 3:42 pm

Got a call on Friday (11th Dec 2015) from Mark over at Dawesville that the Tailor were on the chew and if I would like to have a go at the Dawesville Cut out of his boat. Really, that was a silly question, as I was in the shed packing the gear before the handset hit the cradle of the phone.... :D :D :D

It was to be a bit of spinning at first until dark, then chucking some unweighted pillies into the unknown. (You will note here that I have used the east coast terminology for 'mulies' as bait out of consideration for the uneducated :twisted: :twisted: )

Well, we hit the water and the wind was up. Quintrex Hornet (green in colour) was a little wet with the slop that was whipped up in the estuary. We got to our location with Mark's daughter (Sam) only abusing the wetness about 300 times. She got the seat on the front casting deck and consequently was our 'water shield', and a very good one at that.... :lol: We still got wet, but not as bad as her, and it was even worse when we returned later that night.

I digress. We started fishing by throwing some lures into the briny. I was using a small Shakespeare Slingshot (overhead version) with my Tatula 200HDHS fitted and varying my lures a bit as nothing too much was happening. A couple of bumps, blood started to heat up, casting technique out the door, BIG blow up and a mess on the reel. One lure gone to the fishing gods. Bugger. :evil: Still no fish in the bucket.

No re-rigging here. That rod into the rod-locker, second rod into work. No slowing down. ;) Starting to get dark, Mark already has a fish and is on a second time.

Second rig was another Shakespeare Slingshot armed with a Tica Libra 2500 reel, loaded with 11 Kg Gliss and about 1.5 metres 20 lb fluorocarbon. Then it started. Almost every cast was a hookup on Tailor ranging up to about 42 cms. Nothing kept under 30 cms. A relocation on the boat and Sam mooved to the stern "as all the fish were down that end". :? A couple of casts later and I put my rig in the holder to help Sam unhook a fish. Big mistake. That let the bait drift low to the bottom.

When I picked it up again, I thought I had hooked into a big estuary shark. The line took off like I haven't had happen for a long time. About 100 metres was out before whatever it was stopped. Mind you, that little 2500 reel holds close to 300 metres of Gliss 11 Kg line.

Pump and wind started. Got back about half of what first went out. Then, it decided that it didn't like what was happening and took off again. Whoa, there wasn't much left on the spool. Definetly not a shark. The 20 lb leader would be gone by now. Some thumps on the line gave doubt as to what was on the other end. Mark jumped into the drivers seat, Sam pulled the pick up, and we went chasing the other end of my line. Mind you, some 20 minutes had elapsed by now.

A further ten minutes and I managed to get the monster up to the edge of the boat. A bloody great stingray that was as wide as the front casting deck of the boat with the base of its tail thicker than my thigh. From the nose to the tip of the tail we estimated at around 2 metres. I near shit myself, as Mark leant over the edge of the boat with his knife and carefully nicked the leader at a safe distance from the fish, all the time with Sam warning him to be careful in a loving daughter sort of way.. :roll:

Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of the beast, as simply it didn't even enter my head at the time.

What I can say however, is that the gear I was using and the knots that I had tied, ALL worked to perfection. The rod is only rated 2-4 Kg and I was running 11 Kg GLISS line. Yep, it sure bent over a lot, but it held together and caught the fish. The FG knot between the braid and leader held well and I was able to simply tie on another gang of hooks when we got back to our spot, and continue to catch Tailor. To say I was impressed with the equipment would be an understatement.

Here are a couple of pics of what I was using:

Pulled the pick around 21:30 hrs to head back to the ramp only to find the chartplotter had decided not to work. Bugger. Sam got the job of sitting up front again with my Led Lenser headlight in spotlight mode, checking for obstacles as we crashed our way through the wind waves back to base. We all ended up with a good feed of Tailor (of which I am about to have some left overs for lunch) and thoroughly wet. :lol:

Now come on next time without the wind.....

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Re: Good Gear

Postby Nanara » Wed Dec 16, 2015 1:03 am

It sounds like fun you had. Having caught a couple big stingrays myself with much bigger gear than that, either the tackle or angler must be good :lol: good job Chas
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