Gear for a Newbie

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Gear for a Newbie

Postby Welles » Sat Oct 07, 2017 11:27 pm


So recently I decided it's time to start taking surf fishing seriously. Been doing it regularly for many years on junky equipment - but now I'd like to upgrade to real stuff. I've had no luck at my local tackle shop - the shop assistant was all about pushing certain products than listening to what I wanted to achieve and what gear I could achieve that with.

Since then I've DM-ed a bunch of forum members here who have been very helpful. And a lot of their advice was to post in this forum too - so here I am.

Essentially I want a new rod and reel that can cast a long way for about $500. I've used a star sinker tied paternoster style for a long time with an old fibreglass rod and eggbeater reel, and always catch small bream, whiting and dart (I live in Brisbane; Sunshine Coast is where I fish). But I've also always longed to hit that second gutter - the one that always seems just too far for me to cast to. I'm happy to learn a new rod/reel style and casting style if that's what it takes.

Advice I've received so far from forum members has been pretty universally 'get a Penn Squall 15 Star Drag' and get a Poseidon P5. The former I have found on eBay for about $200, but the P5 I cannot seem to find anywhere. Suggestions? An alternative (but equally priced) perhaps? One member mentioned the Penn Prevail, though another was not as sure on it for big casting strain.

So yeah - help me out! I'd like to order something ASAP :)

Cheers, Michael
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Re: Gear for a Newbie

Postby Gippslander » Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:03 am

Hi Michael

I am just responding to add a little life into the forum and have to say that the people you have probably pm' Ed are way more knoweldgable than me and their advice should be given primary consideration. I totally agree with the advice you mention and the high end southafrican tournament capeable rods definitely are best value for buck!

No doubt you've already been told this: you need to learn proper technique to cast further, if you don't these powerful rods may lessen your enjoyment of fishing. Also you need to use clip down rigs to minimise enormous drag and baits flying off hook.

I don't want to muddy the waters but What exactly is your fishing/investment situation?

Do you need a rod capeable of full tournament pendulum of a 8ounce plus lead, due to current? Or would up to 6 ounces do? Remember the lighter the gear the more you'll notice a fish on the end.

Would you be willing to upgrade to more powerful or expensive gear in the future?

If you can't get a p5 or similar SA equilavent here are some other avenues( remeber high end gear has half decent resale value although need for couriers take a decent nibble)

Get in on one of Jeremy's orders? What is metal crest blank worth? Tape guides on and arrange courier from Melbourne, probably the bit that will waste money.

Could you put a wanted add here asf? Or on gumtree in qld/ nsw. There are plenty of mad fishos and poms out their who bring gear over. Just request tournament rod names?

I know of a member who is a consistent 220m plus caster who has regularly used and enjoyed the 2 piece daiwa sensor surf somewhere between the 12 and 13 ft casting upto 5 or 6 oz with it. Although rod walls are a little to fin to go above this? I would have my doubts on the durability of the 3 sectioned ones that have recently come out though, you could always contact the manufacture about their suitability.

I have a few rods and amongst them is a sonik sk 3. I enjoyed learning with it casting up to 6 oz as it's light and responsive for when you practice for longer periods and gives good feedback. However the big casters can break them with 6 oz as their affordability is down to thinner less premium carbon ( this has been mentioned in a number of forums). Also people can take issue with these and other Chinese blanks that are rebadged under a number of different names and can be sold for very reasonable or extorniate sums. Thus purchasing at the right price is the key to satisfaction. However, I've smacked mine into the ground a fair few times and missed cast with it and is still going strong, however it is rated to 4 to 6 oz and I would not go above there parameters especially with big baits. Also are they still available in oz and or their newer ranges?

Find a distant relo in Europe and get them to send you one over? Does the misses want a holiday to South Africa, Europe, America. Nothing wrong with saving up.

These are just a few ideas and Not a comprehensive list of possibilities.

However if I were you and money was restricted I'd go South African blank if not available "highly regarded Chinese blank". If I could save a little more money then a well priced century ttsm or ttldsm or similar zippy.

Do you have any more info regarding your fishing/ casting requirements?

Regards hugh
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Re: Gear for a Newbie

Postby Welles » Wed Oct 18, 2017 10:59 pm

Hi Hugh (and other readers),

So I've gone pretty hard on the old email and Facebook Messager trying to sorice a South African rod and reel for $500 or less and have hit trouble. Most tackle shops either haven't responded to emails, just don't post to Australia, or have quoted huge shipping costs.

I have one friend in Cape Town that I could maybe use - but she wants advice on how to do the posting and I really have no idea. Maybe someone on here could advise?

And then finally there's one more shop in South Africa that is quoting about R5000 less than the rest, putting total cost at about $530AUD. But given all the other bad news I've gotten, I feel like this one might fit in the 'too good to be true' category.

Which means I'm starting to think about Option Bs.

Basically I wanna cast 120m+ where the bigger fish are, out in the second gutter on the Sunshine Coast. Up til now I've used star sinkers and paternoster all the time, with a spinner and glass rod. From this forum I've learnt there is another way. And I'm keen to learn it! It sounds fun!! Best guess at weight I have used to date is 4-6oz.

And so I need the gear. And I don't wanna break a rod that I intentionally bought to cast long.

So yeah. Keen to hear ideas on rods I can find locally.

Where do I post on ASF to offer to buy gear? And does 'want to buy' on Gumtree actually work?

Advice welcome!!

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Re: Gear for a Newbie

Postby Jeri » Fri Oct 20, 2017 4:20 pm

Hi Michael,

Basically there is only 1 way to send 3 piece fishing rods or blanks from southern Africa to Australia - and that is in a piece of 4" plastic drain pipe. Wrapped in enough bubble wrap to make an Egyptian mummy jealous, and then seal the end, that just about with stands the travel by plane and abuses in Aus Customs. The whole pipe and rod are then sent across by Fedex, UPS or DHL, none of which are going to be cheap, as the parcel will weigh about 4kgs and be 1.6m long, which is usually over their maximum 'standard' length.

Other options on transporting apart from persons carrying the parcel just don't work - believe me - I've tried.

Hope that gives you some insight.


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