Century "C" curve in field mode

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Century "C" curve in field mode

Postby Jeremy Schrader » Wed Aug 01, 2018 12:06 am

I have been using my Century Excalibur "C" curve for fishing for a number of years now and have also used it on the field a few times but not as much as I should have. Based on me getting a little older and the back not being what it used to I decided to bite the bullet and get a new "C" curve blank in a totally stripped down format . The blank arrive as that , no shrink wrap, no guides or binding and as result the weight is quite a bit lighter than the factory rod.

In fact the results are as follows, the factory set up and the stripped down version here are the following details . Factory tip weight 238 gram , stripped down tip weight is 204 grams , reduction of 34 grams or 14.29% reduction.
In the butt section factory Butt weight with plastic break away coasters is 552 gram , stripped down butt section also with breakaway plastic coasters is 450 gram reflecting a saving of 102 grams or an 18.48% reduction .

Overall saving on the rod is 136 grams or a reduction of 17.22% :shock: .

From a casting perspective this makes the rod feel a lot more alive and the feedback is sweet . Here is some video footage of the rod in action :D


I have been casting mainly with the 125 gram sinker but will do more work with her in lead up to my trip to the UK.

Looking forward to some better distances. :mrgreen:
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