Rod for targeting kingfish from the beach - recommedations

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Rod for targeting kingfish from the beach - recommedations

Postby Smacks » Fri Dec 20, 2019 2:41 pm

Hi guys. 

I'm looking for a short bud rod with reel mounted low on the rod, 13-15ft, 7-8oz casting weight and enough back bone to target kingfish from the beach. The reason and some background is stated below if you want to read a little more. 

We recently moved to New Plymouth, NZ. Few guys here got my back into surf casting after predominantly focussing on deepsea fishing for the last few years back in South Africa. 

The one thing that really got my attention here is the potential to target kingfish from the beach and catching one from the beach has become a goal. 

We use to fish for them with dead bait from the boat back in SA, but reading up a little and listening to the locals they are sort of surprised when they catch one on dead bait. Accept for the breakwater, we don't really have rocks and ledges here to target them from as most of the guys do on the east coast. So the plan is to slide livebait from the beach. 

I suppose using a fixedspool/grinder is easier but growing up with overhead I've decided to go that route. The reel of choice is a Avet LX MC. The reason is the lever drag and the ability to manage the drag from free spool to light and right up to full to keep them out of the rocks. 

The challenge that I'm faced with is pairing the reel wit a suitable rod. I'm looking for a short bud rod with reel mounted low on the rod, 13-15ft, 7-8oz casting weight and enough back bone.

Doing a little research I've learned that the general trend of blank design is cater more for a C curve that is more suited towards fixed spool reel and not the J curve and the type of curve I'm used to. Some manufactures do offer casting models, but these are the same blank with the eyes being placed on or on the opposite side of the spine. A few guys said that these blanks work well, but you need to slow down your casting action. 

Reading through a few post, I think that there are a few guys here with the required knowledge to give some sound advice and I would really appreciate it.

Do you guys have some rods over in Aus that you can recommend or perhaps some alternatives? 

I had a look at getting a rod from South Africa but getting it to NZ is $400 min just for the shipping. 
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Re: Rod for targeting kingfish from the beach - recommedations

Postby Jeremy Schrader » Sat Dec 28, 2019 7:59 pm

If you are wanting to use a rod for slide baiting from the beach similar to the SA style rods like the Purglas , Assasin and Possiedens then I would consider either the Century Graphex Sport , T1000 or The older TTR though these would be very cost prohibitive to get to NZ with initial outlay and then subsequent shipping and duty charges that are imposed on the imports.

A cheaper alternative would be to have a look at the Ron Thompson Accelerator which is 13'6" and a nice solid action whilst not being too heavy ( Ex. UK dealers ). They are what the UK fishermen call a rough ground rod the same as what the Century rods are classified as.
If you want to use dead baits like squid , Octopus and fish fillets. If this is the case then you could also target the lighter rods as with a suitable clipped down rig you can get a good distance and hold the bottom better with lighter leads i.e 5 and 6 oz . The Namix style of leads work very well for this. Bait presentation would utilise suspended baits i.e Squid with foam insert in the hood so that you get more action in the surf and keep the baits off the bottom.

Hope this helps though a little but to give a more definitive answer we need a bit more information i.e budget as the price range on suitable rods is quite large.

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Re: Rod for targeting kingfish from the beach - recommedations

Postby Sandgroper » Sun Feb 02, 2020 6:50 pm


Welcome to this forum.

Hasn't been too much activity here for some time now, as I believe members are spending more time with family and other activities.

The advise supplied by Jeremy is gold.

I suggest that you correspond with him regards rods as his knowledge is impeccable. Not only is he the Australian Century agent, but his use and experience with just about every other type of rod is immeasurable. His edict is basically, don't say anything unless you have "been there, done that". Personal experience with everything he recommends is coming from that mantra.

Having said that, I believe I have put him onto his best land based Spanish Mackerel and Australian Salmon, to date......... :D :D :D , but that is another matter.

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Re: Rod for targeting kingfish from the beach - recommedations

Postby Tima » Sun Feb 02, 2020 10:30 pm

Hi Smacks

Kilwell in Rotorua used to do a 13' two piece blank rated for 8 ozs for the South African or Hawaii markets (not sure which).

My mate has one and it is very stiff so it might be worth following up.


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