Zziplex Bass Facelift

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Zziplex Bass Facelift

Postby Jeremy Schrader » Sun Sep 27, 2020 11:16 pm

Well after having this rod for a number of years I finally took up an offer from a very good friend by the name of Nick Pasinis to have her properly bound up given that I had only taped on guides like I do with my comp rods and taken her fishing.

The rod is an ideal one for fishing the lighter weight range from 1 through to 4 oz and targeting fish with softer mouths where the easy to load tip absorbs a lot of the pressure from a fight . Fish like are Trevally and Whiting are ideal targets for the rod and that is what she will be used for , though any Snapper that come along will also be happily added to list.

Nice Whiting that was an early victim.


A Trevally also taken on the Bass

The finish of the rod which was tastefully done with black and gold makes it great to look at and as the video shows she also performs very sweetly with a little Penn Squall 15 casting a 80 gram sand filled casting blob.


All in all very happy with the new / old girl :-)
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