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Re: rod wanted

Postby Jeremy Schrader » Sun Mar 13, 2011 10:09 pm

For line weight I would have it matched with 15 pound fireline or Ultima Braid and my Shimano Albrid or Exceller 4500 . I have cast up to 100 gram on it but find it best with the 50 to 75 gram weights when maximum distances are required.

It is a heavy Spinn blank , currently no model code and one that I decided to get when I visited the UK last time overseas.

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Re: rod wanted

Postby Breamfish » Mon Mar 14, 2011 12:34 am

I've been looking around for exactly this type of blank too... Will follow this thread with interest :)
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Re: rod wanted

Postby rick » Mon Mar 14, 2011 3:10 pm

done a bit of searching online...zziplex light bass sounds like an exelent rod..11'6,some people are taking 6 inches off the butt and using them for 50-60 gram...anyone used one??
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Re: rod wanted

Postby fish33 » Sat Mar 19, 2011 1:40 pm

Hi Rick
I do a lot of lure spinning in Sydney targeting Salmon, Taylor, Bonito, Jewfish and Kingfish.
Most of this is done with rods around the 10 foot mark, some jew on plastics and kings on popper and stick bait is done with 8' rods.

There are quite a few rods these days in the 10' range, I own a few I will run through.

Nitro Sniper 3-6 kg 10-40 gram lure, great bait fishing rod not the best for lures.

Daiwa Seajigger 315 8-17lb 18-55 gram lure, I use the rod for smaller metals for sambos and taylor, hardbodies in the 15 to 25 gram range and for larger soft plastics 1/2 to 1 ounce jig heads for jewfish. This is the lightest of the 3 seajigger rods from Daiwa. The rod weighs only 240 grams, nice finish and good fittings, fuji SIC lowriders. I use it with a Stradic C14 4000 with 10lb fireline or a Certate 3500 HD with 14lb fireline. This rods is very versatile and cast meats and hardbodies very well.
There are better options than the 2 heavier Seajiggers. I find the grip length a bit short to suit for long cast and comfortable use, but that is just me.

Xzoga Mastery 10', 15-40lb PE3 with a crazy lure weight rating on there website. the finished rod weighs 270 grams. This rod is great value if you by from OS. Its a good blank that is very parabolic, will cast 60 gram lures with a Certate hyper custom, 14lb fireline over 100m. The guides are cheaper fuji and layout of the guides does not seem suit large spool reels like Saltiga Surf or Emblem Pro, lot of wrapped guides on cast, but with smaller reels like Certate 3500 or 4000 the rod and reel is perfect balanced and cast very well. I use this rod for chasing sambos bonito and taylor on metals and hardbodies. It loads very well on a fish and very comfortable for the angler.

Jigging Master. Shore Game 9'8" PE 1-3 Lure weight 30 to 85 grams and the rod weighs 315 grams. This is the rod I have used the most this summer. The blank, the finish and fittings are all very good, fuji reel seat and SIC K guides. This rod is getting up in price at $600 but would be even more if it had Yamaga or Carpenter written on it. I use this rod with metals from 40 to 80 grams and it has cast a 60 gram lure, fishing set up 130m measured over grass. I also use it with a range of hardbodies, saltwater x-raps, sebiles, stickbaits and small faced poppers as well as unweighted 9 and 12" sluggos. Its perectly match with a 4500 daiwa, Stella 5000, older model Twinpower 1000 with 20lb fireline. This rod is very easy to cast and has landed fish up to an 88cm 8kg kingfish.

Century 10'6" This is the blank Jeremy mentioned. I have had this blank built up with a very basic build to keep weight down. Fuji reel seat, no grips and fuji alconite guides. The light build weighs 305 grams. This blank is a casting machine for a 10 foot rod. Its a more powerful rod than the rods I have mentioned above, and it will cast 100 grams but I find the best distance has come with an 80 gram lure. I have hit 100 gram lure 141m, fishing setup with a fishing pendulum cast with the rod and an 80 gram lure 154m. Fishing wise it will cast hardbodies and metals as light as 30 to 50 grams, but this size lure I prefer the lighter rods i have already detailed as it takes less effort for the same distance in a fishing situation. I use this century with 50 to 80 gram metals, bigger hardbodies and stick baits in the 50 to 80 gram range. It will work with small faced poppers around 40 to 60 grams in size. I really like this rod and with a Stella 5000 with 20lb fireline it just about skull dragged a 3.75kg Bonito up the rocks, cant wait to hook into a King on this rod.

There are a few other rods in the 10 foot size I have had cast with or know people that own them.
Daiwa Seajigger 305 35-100 gram. Good rod, good fittings and casts well but lure weight rating is over stated, I would buy one of these if I didnt have the Xzoga.

Daiwa Seajigger 325 75-175 grams. Nice fittings and finish, lure weight rating way over stated. The grip length is to short for a 10' rod.
Get Jeremy to get you a 10'6" Century, much better

Diawa Saltist Demon Blood 962H. Nice rod that can cast a long way, not good with smaller lures, feels heavy and bit unbalance with 4000 size reel and the grip length is way to short for a rod rated to cast 50-120 grams and that is 9'6", Good fittings and finish.
Get Jeremy to get you a 10'6" century, better rod you can build to you specs.

Lure fishing I run fireline in a size to suit the target fish and the structure where I am fishing. Most of the time I run a bimini twist in the fireline to a twisted leader, I uni knot a small good quality ball bearing swivel to the end of the twisted leader and change lures using a quality split ring and split ring pliers. This will give you the security your after with light snags or weed monsters. The bimini cats pawed to the twisted leader has proved to be a very strong reliable connection and if you want you can add a single strand bite leader to the twisted leader either using a knot or to the swivel at the end of the twised leader and tie the bite leader to the lure.

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Re: rod wanted

Postby fish33 » Thu Mar 24, 2011 11:52 am

I got some of the above info a bit mixed up so I thought I would correct what I had written about the 9'6" demon Blood
I had a cast with the 9'6" Demon Blood again and realized that I had it confused with the Seajigger 325 lure 75-175 grams. The demon blood is actually a nice rod to use, it still feels a bit heavier than other 10' rods but it did cast 50 to 80 gram lures of the rocks quiet well, didn't perform as well as the Jigging Master Shore game with hard bodies in the 30 to 50 gram size, The fittings and finish are good with fuji reel seat and fuji SIC guides and grip length is not as short as I remembered.
The Century 10'6" blank is a better rod.
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Re: rod wanted

Postby Kelvin » Sat Mar 26, 2011 8:19 pm

I have 2 each of the seajigger 315 and 305 matched to shimano 2500 and 4000 reels (symetre, stradic, baitrunner D and DL). I mainly fish braid and use these for my light and medium jetty work. They work well fishing bait as well as light lures. Great for jetty tommies, gar, whiting and even snapper. I bought my rods after watching the local landbased snapper guru catch a few nice reds on his seajigger 305 and shimano baitruner 3500 combos.

The lowriders work surprisingly well for a 10 foot rod and it definitely goes against the traditional thinking. They are a very nice rod for the money and you would be hard pressed to do better in the under $250 price range.
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Re: rod wanted

Postby rick » Mon May 14, 2018 6:22 pm

Its been a while since i posted this question,7 years or so.

Thanks to the guys who posted advice on my question,especially fish33 for the detailed rundown a few rods,im sure it has also helped other people in deciding on which rod is right for them.

Thanks to jeremy for delivering the century 106

Ive fished this rod pretty hard over the last 6 or 7 yrs with a saltist 4500/40lb braid and it has been an absolute beast,,jew on bait,and some on lures,snapper,gummies,schoolies and wobbys from the beach,and meter kings from the rocks..Brilliant rod.

Ive retired the rod now,stripped down and packed away as my right shoulder is playing up.

The century takes a bit to load so was looking around for a rod to replace it that was easier on the shoulder and could still get decent distance,,i got a satiga ballistic 33 405.

With the saltist 4500/40 pound braid straight though (no shock leader),4 or 5 oz and clipdown pulley rig im happy with the result.

Which leads to a few questions that i ll post in appropriate sections

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