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Postby Tima » Tue Oct 02, 2018 1:41 pm

At last a day without much wind so I went up the Sunshine Coast arriving late afternoon, high tide being at 9:15pm. It was a nice sunny afternoon with a slight NE breeze. There had been some reports of jew the week before so I was hopeful especially as I was at a noted jew spot.

I found a shortish gutter with a steep drop off about 20m out and the outer bank about 80m out which looked good.


Started off with my usual 1/0 pennell hooks on a running paternoster rig cast out into the white water on the outer bank. I got a chopper tailor first cast which I kept, then a small dart next cast which went back. On the third cast I got a 71cm jew: the 1/0 lodged firmly in its jaw.


Went quiet for a while then but at dusk I got a slightly bigger jew again with the 1/0 stuck in its jaw. The other hook had the remains of a dart attached to it which looked to have been attacked by a tailor. The rod tip had been bouncing around indicating there was a small fish about so I suppose the jew saw the dart head and grabbed it! I put the jew back having already killed the other one for dinner.



Once it was dark I got a decent bream and a good tailor both of which went back.



Got bitten off a couple of times and also hooked into something big which headed out to sea against the clutch then bit me off. Every time I go to this spot I hook into something big, one day perhaps I’ll land one! Packed up at high tide.

Interesting how the jew took the dart head. I might try the rig we used to use at Dungeness in the UK with a small baited hook as the top hook of the pennell and a larger unbaited bottom hook. A small fish takes the small hook which you will see by the rod tip moving. You leave it there in the hope a large fish will grab it hook and all.


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Postby Jeremy Schrader » Sun Oct 28, 2018 2:37 pm

Top report Tim , hoping to get out for a fish soon myself as only recently got back from the Uk but doc has instructed me to take it easy for a little while due to chest infection. Looking forward to trying out a few new rods. :D
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