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Target Garfish

Postby Jeremy Schrader » Mon Aug 01, 2022 11:29 am

Well we don't always get what we are after but its still fun to get out and hit the water. With the cold wet and windy weather I have been taking things easy bit decided to head out with a mate to see if we could get a few Gaarfish for both the plate as well as bait.

The plan was simple enough get down to the rock groyne and set up a fine bread and tuna oil berley slik. My mate Adrian had plan to use his fly rods for the gars and I had the float rod with prawn for bait. Things were slow but finally we had a bit of action with Adrian taking a small Pinky on the fly.

The float session was slow but it was good being on the water.

Our plan was to fish past sunset and as the light faded I also picked up a small Pinky.


As darkness fell out hopes improved as we saw a few decent sized gars move into the burley but these were soon dashed as a large seal turned up and started hunting the gars. With the wind getting colder and the seal not going anywhere I decided that it would be better to try again on another day.

All in all a fun session even though we didn't get our target fish.

Regards :D
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