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Berley in the surf

Postby Jeremy Schrader » Tue Mar 16, 2021 10:46 am

Had an enquiry from a mate about methods of deploying berley in the surf when fishing and decided that I should try this when I went out next especially when targeting the bread and butter fish. I made up these tubes to attach to some of my Namix grip leads but didn't put the wires in.

Went down to the bay and loaded then up on a few of my Century TTLDSM graphex with a clipped down rig . Baits were Pippie and Squid on pulley rigs .


I should have used a slightly more powerful rod as I didn't think about the additional weight of the tube as well as the berley along with the baits etc but that is an easy fix. Results were pleasing though I was only using a breadcrumb and tuna oil mix . I feel that the use of tuna oil soaked pellets would have been the better choice as the breadcrumb was washed out too quickly . Still managed a few small Pinkies and look forward to doing some more testing down on the surf in the coming weeks.


Will also put some additional holes in the tubes before the next session along with running the sinkers with their grip wires :D
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