18 gram plug casting

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18 gram plug casting

Postby Jeremy Schrader » Mon May 31, 2021 7:59 pm

Decided to do some work with my distance plug casting with the little 18 gram and had that matched up to my Century FMA and Shimano Fleigen reel loaded with 0.25mm line.
The plan was simple head down and work on casting angle to see how that effected the little plug. Initial casts were done with my normal high cast similar to my leader casting with weights up to 200 gram. Whilst distances were ok they weren't what I wanted.

After reading a few of the article from people that compete more with the plug a common theme was to keep the casting angle lower i.e. 27 degrees of there about as compare to the nomal 45 degree angle.

The rod is lighter than I normally use for my plug work but still rated to cast over 4 oz. so it was impressive to see how much the little plug loaded her up.

It would be interesting to hear what others have found in regards to launch angle ?

Here is some of the video from the session.

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