OTG what suits

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OTG what suits

Postby Jeremy Schrader » Fri Oct 07, 2016 7:01 am

There are a number of ways for setting up when doing the OTG but for me I find that having my hands lower and pushing upwards and out works. Also the shorter stiffer rod picks up the lead better allowing me to move faster. Would be interested on others thoughts ?

Here's some practice footage from yesterdays session . :D - Better than being in the office :mrgreen:

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Re: OTG what suits

Postby The Prince » Mon Oct 24, 2016 11:03 pm

And with the OTG ; so I followed the lead and it appears to project above the 45degree plus angle from where I am standing, meaning I am getting as much height as distance. Is that the expectation or should it be more horizontal say 30 degrees or thereabouts. Hence what are the most common errors we novices often do make and how can we correct them ? None of the footages have I seen depicts the lead aiming for the stars or otherwise to gain maximum distances. your input is much appreciated and many thanks in advance.
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Re: OTG what suits

Postby Dan-C » Sun Oct 30, 2016 12:28 pm

Hi Col,
The simple answer is, 45degrees is the optimum launch angle for distance. This can vary a little due to other influences like head or tail wind. In a head wind slightly less angle will reduce the lead hang time, and thus the time that the negative effect of the wind can act on it. There will be a point where reducing the launch angle will restict the leads distance more than the wind, but this will be a sliding scale depending on the wind strength.
In a tail wind the oposite is true, and increasing the angle (and therefor the hang time) can increase distances. this will only be true for a few degrees, as the more you increase the launch angle, the more of the casts energy is projected up. The leads trajectory will follow a tighter curve.

As a bit of an experiment, next time you are watering the garden (or in the mens room) try changing the angle of your "hose" and note how it affects the distance. Just remember that your data will be swayed by the change in height between the starting point (hose at waist height) and splash down (at ground level). There fore try the same test with the hose at ground level so the lanch and touchdown are at the same height (not recommended in the mens room!)

Thats the theory, but in reality we need to add the resistance created by the line as well as decelleration of the lead.

This is really a pretty trivial argument, as the slight benefits are created by minute changes in angle, and i'd be impressed if a caster has such fine control over their cast angle.

If you are casting somewhere close to 45 degrees id be pretty happy, as this is something that alot of people (including myself) struggle with.

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Re: OTG what suits

Postby The Prince » Wed Nov 02, 2016 12:33 am

Thanks Dan for your insight.
I find if I pull first and harder with my left hand the lead tends to project higher ;whilst if I push first and harder with my right hand I manage a lower angle of projection. Maybe because I have one hand shorter then the other. I don't know what the others may think.
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