Waiting for the lead

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Waiting for the lead

Postby Jeremy Schrader » Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:55 am

Had a short session yesterday trying to get my timing right with the lead on the backswing . The aim was to ensure that it has stepped out and started its arc properly before I commenced my turn into the cast.

Whilst I was able to get away some reasonable distances , looking at the video in slow motion I can see that the lead is still inside of the arc as I commence my turn. Thankfully it isn't too early and therefore I don't get a crack-off but at the same time it is robbing me of overall arc and hence sinker speed and distance.

Some people count to get this timing better but I find that even when I do this I have problems where I count faster without even realizing it. I will work on this more in the coming weeks as we have the comp in Western Australia and hopefully I can get it right to get the most from the cast.


I should point out that this is even more important when doing a high swing as starting the turn to early will drive the sinker into the ground more often than not.

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