Back to Basics OTG & Flat Arc Pendulum

Swing it high, swing it low, drag it across the ground? Discussion on casting technique.

Back to Basics OTG & Flat Arc Pendulum

Postby Jeremy Schrader » Sun Apr 19, 2020 9:38 pm

I know that I drive a few people crazy when I say that they need to learn the OTG cast first before trying pendulum and some people feel that they can just go straight to it , so I though I would put these two videos up to show that the fundamentals of foot/weight transfer and arm position are the same.

Firts we have the OTG cast from various angles showing the step forward and projection of the left arm upwards and out before pulling in with the left on an extended right arm.

In the second video I do the Flat arc pendulum with focus on exactly the same basics.

Once you have a good OTG moving to pendulum is easier :D

Happy to answer any questions

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